Happy Thanksgiving 2022

Be thankful my friends.

Be good my friends.

Be compassionate my friends.

Be loving my friends.

Play my friends.

Be you, my friends.

Because you are good my friends.

Inside you lives the best you.

Fight the demons my friends.

Don’t let hate win.

Be kind.

To everybody.

Love one another.

Are we not all children of God?

Sparks of God?

Don’t lie my friends.

Lies are the devil’s honey.

Let no one convince you otherwise.

Live in the moment my friends.

You are blessed to live in this moment.

In this moment, treat others as you would have them treat you.

Be thankful for this moment.

Do something nice for someone.

It feels so good.

Don’t be mean.

Being mean only demeans you.

Be good my friends.

I love you.


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