The Gorilla

A gorilla named Abe entered a burger joint and asked for a strawberry shake.

The man behind the counter, Slick he was called, saw an advantage.

This is dumb beast knows nothing, he reasoned.

Slick made a sloppy shake, cutting back on the strawberry and adding water, and he brought it to Abe.

“That’ll be 20 bucks buddy,” Slick said, quadrupling the price.

Abe paid the man.

Slick was encouraged; the gorilla didn’t complain.

‘I can get more money out of this idiot,’ the soda man thought.

“You know, we don’t get many apes around here,” Slick observed in an attempt to small talk Abe before convincing him to order more.

“I don’t doubt it,” the gorilla said. “With prices like this for a sloppy watered-down shake, no self-respecting ape would come here.”

David Madrid

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