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What is this website,

You have the right to know. is a repository of stories; mostly my stories and some fables from Aesop.

I share my tales with you and ask nothing in return.

There are three reasons I created this site, which by the way, is a non-profit entity.

The first reason is that I am afflicted.

I know that sounds terrible, but it isn’t so bad.

My affliction is that I must release the stories that build within me before they overwhelm me.

My stories are legion.

What would happen if my flow of words stopped?

I don’t know, but I picture an explosion of skin, blood and guts that will ruin your attire.

Share the stories

Why would I keep these stories to myself?

I can’t; it defeats the purpose of a story; a story must be told.

The second reason for this site is that I leave a historical record.

I exaggerate in the interest of telling a good tale.

I write about kids from my childhood who were local legends, and I document their stories.

Some stories are about me; they include boy scouts hiking across the desert to camp at a lake, a battle with a rattlesnake, a runaway horse.


All great true stories are exaggerated.

That is how third- rate thugs become heroes.

Jessie James, Billy the Kid, Kit Carson, Al Capone, Batman.

I want you, everybody, especially young people, to read my stories.

This is history I leave you.

We must not lose our stories, or all is lost.

Most stories and fables on this website are creations of my mind.

The stories just come and come, and I must release them.

The third reason for the site is you.

I created it for you, the young and the old.

Enjoy my stories and blog here at

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